Get your CV right with CV Rite!

We are all too aware of the importance of a well written CV. A CV is a gateway into your
employability and is the first impression an employer will have of you, therefore it is the
only way you can sell yourself! Although writing a CV is relatively straightforward, it is
crucial to make sure that your CV is concise and accurate. You must also ensure that you
avoid simple mistakes as these could be costly in your pursuit of your chosen career. Click
to visit CV Rite and find out more information on how to construct the perfect CV as
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CV Rite is a website that is devoted to CV construction and interview advice. The site has
information available to assist you in capturing that desired job. The site itself is nicely laid
out and very easy to navigate and uses simple and clear English to explain each section of
the CV and how each section should be used.

CV Rite also offers advice on writing covering letters as well as advice on the final stage
of securing the job – the interview. You can access ‘Commonly Asked Questions’ in an
interview, which will help you to feel fully prepared for your impending interview. There is
further advice on suitable clothing for your interview as well as important do’s and don’ts
during the interview.

When writing the CV, it is essential that the information you include is honest and highligh
any skills/expertise relevant to the role. CV Rite also offers invaluable advice to help positi
the information depending on your individual circumstances, as one CV format will not fit

constructing your CV. This takes away the stress of having to decide upon suitable layouts
this is all done for you; leaving you free time to concentrate on other valuable aspects, suc
as making sure that the content you input is relevant and accurate.

Applying for a new or first job is never an easy prospect. This is one of the reasons why
many people are now deciding to get assistance with their CV. Considering this, there is no
time to waste, visit CV Rite today to help you step in the right direction and ensure that yo
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The Various Ways to Borrow Money

online loansOverdrafts, online loans or credit are all methods of borrowing money. Each type of borrowing will suit different situations and different people. This article looks at each method of borrowing in further detail.

An overdraft is similar to having a safety net for your current account. With an overdraft you have the option to borrow a fixed amount if you have no money available in your current account. An overdraft offers flexible borrowing as you can pay it back when it best suits you. The interest rates on an overdraft are generally high; therefore they are not suitable for borrowing a large amount of money, over a longer period of time. (more…)

Why Teach? -The Pros and Cons

The Pros to Teaching:
• You are your own boss – you run your own classroom and do not have your boss breathing down your neck.
• You make a difference and hugely influence the lives of many children.
• You have a feeling of satisfaction as you can make a difference.
• You have the opportunity to teach children from all walks of life and from different backgrounds.
• You can be creative.
• Every day is different. (more…)

Which Career?

Those careers which have the most opportunities in the future are considered as popular career choices. To name a few:

• Software Engineer: As technological advances grow, so does the job sector of software engineers. The presences of computerised systems are becoming increasingly popular in every workplace, (more…)