Online Career Networking

Welcome to the job search networking and career networking section of NothingButCareers. Very few job positions actually get advertised, some experts have suggested that the figure is as low as between 5-10%. The remaining jobs tend to be filled by word of mouth. This is more especially true in the healthcare sector where it is harder to judge clinical skills based on just an applicant’s resume.

Job search networking is an important tool that can be used to unlock that 90 to 95% of jobs that are not advertised. Networking the in the healthcare usually tends to work along the lines of alumni groups (old school networks) and ex-workers. However many are turning to the Internet to find new contacts and form new connections, more especially as it allows people to network anytime, anywhere and at their own pace.

Networking online and offline is hard work and needs to be done on a long term basis, and is important to make a strong impact on your contacts if they are to keep in mind in case that dream job that you have been looking for comes along.

How to Network Online

Networking online when done properly creates a mutual relationship where everybody benefits. To get the best of networking online here are a few tips.

Have an Effective Online Profile: People often leave their profiles blank or just irrelevant information on their profile. An effective profile should contain your skills and recent employment history of a person. Putting up what you did on holiday in Barbados or how many shots of vodka you can down at a sitting might impress your friends but could work against you with your future employers. In filling out your profile, emphasize your stronger skill sets, and if there is any interesting project that you have or are currently working on.

On a cautious note, please do not put up too much identifying information about yourself on your profile. Your name and the town you live is usually sufficient

Network with Many People: Do not limit yourself with how many people and most especially who you network with. Just because you have contacts who are hospital administrators does not mean you should get to know a Radiologic Technician. Discounting people because of their job title is a common mistake and you could see yourself missing out on a valuable contact, who might be the “inside link” that many look for to land that dream job.

Stay in Contact: Never take yourself out of the loop even if you have landed the job you have always wanted. Keeping in touch with your contacts tells them two things. For one, that you are interested in them and not just what they can do for you. Two, making yourself available to your contacts could lead to you do something for them, a favour they might return in the future when you need help. Very few jobs last forever, who knows whether the next string of job cuts might affect yours and have you in the job market again.

Always be Ready: It is not impossible for a contact to get in touch with you out of the blue with a possible job offer, so always have your resume readily available, and be sure that you can clearly state what you are looking what.

Remember Your Ps and Qs: It is important to be polite to your contacts. A little courtesy usually goes a long way. Being polite to you contacts creates a lasting impression and makes it easier for them to keep in mind if up your alley turns up. Also remember to thank you contact if that got you a job interview, even if you don’t get the job, it shows that you appreciate the help. That appreciation could ensure to offer their help again in the future.