Which Career?

Those careers which have the most opportunities in the future are considered as popular career choices. To name a few:

• Software Engineer: As technological advances grow, so does the job sector of software engineers. The presences of computerised systems are becoming increasingly popular in every workplace, therefore the need for software engineers who develop and design new applications continues to be in demand.

• Community Nurses: Nursing within the community is now more apparent than ever before. The demand for nurses who provide non surgical tasks within the home is rapidly on the increase.

• Marketing Officers: The role of a marketing officer is now a role which is deeply interlinked within the voluntary and public sector and no longer purely for the private sector. With the growth of the internet, marketing opportunities continue to develop.

• Advertising Executives: As the media sector continues to become more and more intricate, marketing through advertising has increased the amount of opportunities available for advertising executives.

• Engineer: There continues to be a need for various engineers including electrical, electronic, mechanical, civil, biomedical and automotive who are highly skilled and trained.

• Customer Services: Customer service teams have been created in order to satisfy the increase in customer relationship management. These teams aim to respond to queries from customers and complete services requested online or via telephone.

• Administrator: As computers change the way an office works, the demand for secretaries’ decreases. Administration jobs however increase as a result of the organisational systems now in place.

• Information Officers: Thanks to digital technology, data can now be stored more efficiently than in the past,. Due to this, an increase in personnel staff that can bring specialist skills such as operating software and retrieving information is on the rise.

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