Why Teach? -The Pros and Cons

The Pros to Teaching:
• You are your own boss – you run your own classroom and do not have your boss breathing down your neck.
• You make a difference and hugely influence the lives of many children.
• You have a feeling of satisfaction as you can make a difference.
• You have the opportunity to teach children from all walks of life and from different backgrounds.
• You can be creative.
• Every day is different.
• You learn how to form relationships with children and adults.
• You have lots of holidays.
• You develop strategies on how to deal with children.
• You have the opportunity of going on day trips
• The pay rates do not reflect the amount of sheer hard work

The Cons of Teaching:
• There are meetings to attend after school.
• You work long hours – it’s not 9 until 3! It is more like 7 until 5 and then you go home and often have to work up until bedtime.
• You have lots of paperwork – planning, marking, and preparation.
• You have to follow the National Curriculum if you decide to teach in England.
• There are SATS tests if you decide to teach children in Year 2, 6 or 8
• You take your work home and work most evenings and weekends.
• You have long holidays, however a large chunk of them are spent planning.
• You have to write reports.
• Politicians are too involved with education.

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